2023 Expression eval broken?

I’m getting weird linking behaviour in 2023. Trying to link axis A causes the links to be off by 1 input box, so position.x becomes position.y, rotation .z becomes scaling.x.
Using the Copy + Link buttons as well as manually typing the expression cause this.
Applying the expression to the individual xyz or transform group works as expected, it’s just the whole axis that’s quirky.

Have attempted to log via the screen @fredwarren posted recently but that process feels very clunky.

[EDIT] Support have confirmed its a bug in 2023 and fixed in 2023.0.1, so will upgrade and try again.


Can’t help you with the expressions, but when you have an open terminal you can toggle to previous entries with the up and down arrow keys, so you don’t need to type the start up command every time, if that’s what you mean by clunky.

Apologies Tim, I meant the process of logging a bug via the Flame/Help/Flame Support menu is clunky. I thought it used to be easier but I think that was back when I was beta testing.