Is working with expressions a lot worse in 2024?

I’m not sure if this started in 2023 or 2024 but it seems like working with expressions is a lot harder now than before. Just altering an expression is impossible, I have to clear the keyframe of the channel I want the expression on and type it all out again. I also remember seeing a graph of the noise for example when adding one in the animation graph but that’s gone.

Am I just imagining this or is this something y’all have noticed as well? Is there a remedy?


I used expressions last week to get a random value. It seemed to work as normal except for a bug in the animation menu graph. When Shift-clicking a value field to frame the channel selected in the left window. Once selected in the left window the channel would jump from view and be lost in the animation viewer window.

I had problems like yours when I first went Rocky. The problem went away when I upgraded to 2023. I’m on 2024 now with no issues.

Not for nothin’ though, you don’t need to retype. Once you have entered any text into anything, it is saved in the history buffer. Once you open any text field you can arrow up and down to recall earlier entries. Also, the text window for expressions supports all of the regular copy/paste functions found in other text fields. This is exceptionally handy when one writes out a really long expression and hits enter before realizing you’ve left out a parentheses.