Can't paste data from one axis to another; mimic links breaking

2023.1. I cannot paste axis data from one axis to another. “Cannot paste”.

Also if I go the preferred route of mimic linking from one axis to another, it works as expected for a little bit. Within typically a few minutes working in that Action, for no apparent reason and with no user action, the mimic link breaks between the axes, and both axes’ data is completely nulled.

Both of these things happen repeatedly. Has anyone else seen this?

Sometimes the “cannot paste” occurs when copying an axis with path selected to an axis without path, but with a mis-matched speed curve. Rare, yes, but so far the only time I’ve seen that. A quick fix might be to reset the target axis then try the copy paste again.

Do you have auto key switched off? If so, try with it on.

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As for the missing link, and I don’t mean Piltdown Man, I have made customized 2-key hot keys in which one of the 2 keys belonged to a single stroke hotkey. Whenever I did the 2-key hotkey it would first execute the single key version, thereby causing all sorts of havoc that would only reveal itself later.

Hmm. Trying all sorts of stuff to figure this out. If you do a quick track in Tracer, then add an empty axis, go to animation channels, select the tracked axis, copy, select the target axis and paste – does it allow you to? It does not for me at all. With or without Autokey on.

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It does, but I am on an older version

Anyone on 2023.1 who could test this really fast please?

I’m on 2023.1 and just tested it for you GP. It works for me. I did a simple track in a gmail within tracer, went to anim channels, copied from the tracked axis and pasted to the target axis. Works for me.

Update: new user or other users, it seems to work fine. No idea how suddenly my user cannot copy & paste. I didn’t add any new hotkeys.

If the answer isn’t turn it off and back on, it’s make a new user. RIP to your ridiculous custom hotkey setup.

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RIP my ridiculously fast work due to all my ridiculous custom hotkeys. :slight_smile:

Also in troubleshooting this I made sure not to use any hotkeys and just use button clicks.

Update: after spending way too much time troubleshooting this, I found that I can still copy all but TWO of the 97 custom hotkey files, without it corrupting copy/paste in animation channels. Everything works fine except

If I try to port these over from a previous user, suddenly copy/paste does not work in animation channels – even when not using any keys at all and only using button clicks.

I have not seen this in any version prior to 2023.1.


@fredwarren, I know that the way I’ve been porting over hotkeys forever isn’t officially supported by ADSK. But I’m curious if there has been any change in the global.func behavior that I should be aware of? Thanks.

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