23.98 FPS project setting

Hi All,
I’ve got some 23.98 FPS footage (Proress 4444). There is no 23.98 FPS in project settings. Why doesn’t 23.98 FPS appear in project settings?

Thank you

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Thank you, I wasn’t sure. how do i check after it should be in the project…Quicktime movie inspector ss
Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 12.58.28

When we look at resolve and After Effects, it shows as 23.97 Thank you for your help

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I once saw it say “23.99 fps” on a file in Quicktime player and the client asked for all future quicktimes to be created at that exact framerate.

This is not possible, and was one of the more noteworthy requests I’ve gotten in my time.

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But they put it all together in a professional looking spreadsheet with a resolution of 2022x2022 and say that this is what the stations require :joy: