Batch Bug or feature?

any one else seeing this…

create a new project with 1920x1080 25fps, go into new Batch and its showing a default runtime of 3.10s for 100 frames. It used to be correctly showing 4s for 100 frames.

Can’t see anyway to amend this in the preferences.

Mine shows 4. 2022.1 on Linux

thanks Tim,

i’m on 2022.3 on Mac

it always used to show 4 - methinks its time for a bug report

Just tried on my macbook, showing 3.10s.
It’s using 30fps TC
I fact, 23.976, 24 and 25fps projects are all showing as 30fps TC in batch.

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Thanks Paul…definitely not right!

So I switched to a 23.98 project and I got 3:10. So I did a restart (full re-boot) and my 23.98 project still gave me 3:10, and I switched to my 25 project and now I get 3:10 also.

Edit: It seems to be affected by the last thing I have done before I make a new batch. If I scroll through a clip with 25 timecode before I make the batch, it comes out at 4:00.

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Interesting observation…not sure why it is using 23.98 on mine…only ever use 25fps.

3:10 is 30. 23.98 is 4:04

Mea culpa….all those crazy framerates make no sense to me.