2d transform - Centre

Whenever I need to change the centre point within 2d transform I’ve always just done the sliders. Is there not an option just to grab the centre point and place it where you’d like?
It seems so simple but I can’t figure out if you can do it.

not sure about 2d Transform (just tried this and it doesn’t work) but in Action, when moving Axis - hold the y key whilst dragging the axis to the place you want the offset centre to be.

Yep I’m aware of it in Action, just seems strange not to have it in 2d transform as well. Just changing the time on a clock and the easiest thing for me was to clean the clock face and reposition the handles, it’s not a difficult thing to do it via the sliders but it’s definitely longer then how you’d do it in action. Oh well.

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agreed - i’m finding i do almost all fx in action nowadays.

Ctrl-Click on the blue cross at the intersection of the red and green arrows on the Axis widget and drag it to the desired location.


You should be able to do Control + Drag on the little blue crosshair.

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Thank you both, thankfully that was an easy fix.

Can we make y-click work as well as ctrl click for this? Can both do the same thing for ease of use or can’t 2 hotkeys have the same function?