2d transform

Hi all

I’m on 2021. I find this bug very annoying and wonder if this bug is still around in 2022?

When you copy a 2d transform node with a track inside it, the animation is copied but not the track setup.

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I couldn’t see another report of this in the feedback database so I made a new request. If you support this please upvote:


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Consider it done Johnny boy. Very frustrating and unnecessary it seems :+1:

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Also true with Axis nodes.

I was told this was by design 5 years ago from ADSK.

Also if you have 2d track data, you can’t just copy over all channels to an Action axis. You have to do it individually/in groups.

Which seems odd since it works with Gmask Tracer and copying an entire action.

Get voting fellas. There’s got to be a better way!

I voted and added that it should work that way for the action axis as well. This is one of those annoying little things that has bugged me for years, but never annoyed enough to speak up.

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I think in the old days we were all very used to saving setups all over the place. It’s not a bad habit. However, with the rise of apps, iOS, cloud etc I feel we are all used to a new paradigm where the computer automated a lot of this and so my frustration comes from this fact.

I think the software, if possible to do (which I believe it is) would benefit from being able to cosset the user a little bit more. I hope you agree and might upvote too.

up’d it