Copying Gmask planar tracking back to the axis node

I dunno how many times I’ve planar tracked with the gmask node in Action meaning to do it with the axis node - but it’s a lot - it probably happens once a day. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Is there a way of moving/copying the tracking data back to the axis node for repurposing?


Afraid there’s not. It happens to me a bit when I’m in a hurry. The panel interface of tracking to the gmask, and tracking to the axis, look pretty much identical. And if you accidentally toggle single vs. dual at the bottom left, then it’s on the opposite side as normal.

I think it would be worth considering giving some kind of visual difference between gmask and axis tracking in the interface.

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If you enable “Dual” mode on the bottom left, then the Axis tracking is always on the left. In the thousands of planar tracks I’ve done in Flame, I don’t think I’ve accidentally tracked the shape instead of the axis since my first couple tracks.


Happens to me too, here’s a feedback case number FI-02796:

Wishful thinking,…

I just upvoted that request Ma, nice one.

I think the problem isn’t copying over the track, but a workflow design flaw. What I mean is, when you draw a shape, and then go to the tracking section the gmask node is still selected - which makes sense - and then of course the tracking menu becomes a shape track. In my work, I’m axis tracking at least 90-95% more times than shape tracking, but going back to the schematic and clicking the axis node to enable this is a bit cumbersome and IMO, not the natural thought flow. It’s frustrating to manipulate a track and babysit it to success, only to realise you’re not actually getting any axis information, meaning you have to do the whole exercise again.
Should the menu be designed so there’s some better distinction? Maybe an option to make axis tracking with gmask the default?