Tracker: Data lost when changing color space

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As far as I know, Trackers do have a little problem with Wide Gamut images.
So my workaround for that is to place a color management first which brings it to a common video space (eg. View Transform ACES to Rec709). Then do the track and removing the color managament node to pass the original color space through the stabilizer.

But when you want to enter the stabilizer afterwards the data got lost and you have to redo the complete track again. Even when you place the original color management again.

So I end up keeping the original colormanagament+2Dtransform pipe underneath by main tree and duplicate the 2D transform to it.

Expected behaviour, feature request or bug report?

Ps. Flame 2020.3

Yes, its annoying that the tracker data gets lost when modifiying or duplicating the axis/node, happened like always if I can remember. You can always save and load inside the tracker, but its not uncommon to have there a permanent alternative line in video, for motion vectors tracks also etc

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this is part of why i prefer to use the planar tracker but with all the options turned off as a 2d tracker, then invert and use for stabalize. i despise the old tracker module

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Bummer… 2D Transform is a quite elegant way for stab/invert in batch. With its invert-button and option of repeating last frames.

I’m not sure if this is a feature request or a big report :sweat_smile:

Invert on axis in action is a simple toggle too. Also gmask tracer defaults to constant extrapolation

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