360 footage reframe

Hi hive,
Have a 360 question. I got a bunch of footage shot in 360 camera, and the editor reframed them using some plugin in, maybe GoPro VR etc. Is there any equivalent way to recreate it in Flame? Thank you in advance!!

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Map convert will unwrap a 360 image into various other 360 formats. Not sure that’s what you need, but it’s my best guess.

Thanks Andy! That is the first thing that i tried. But it is very difficult to match the exactly POV that is shown in the offline though, and i have 2 minute edit of many quick cuts.

The problem with re framing the 360 footage is that you kind of want it wrapped to a sphere and then rotate the sphere. This isn’t possible in Flame as far as I know. I have done this using Adobe Premiere which has surprisingly good 360 controls.

Since we rely on lat long for 360, any sort of pan up and down breaks the wrapping at the top and bottom of the sphere. You can pan left and right using tile repeat but for up and down your best bet might be an extended bicubic warp.

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After trying to do what you’re asking in Flame, I gave up and used the very same GoPro reframe plug-in in After Effects. It has a lot of good controls for 360 footage.

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That sounds like hell. My condolences.