Flame Orthographic and Perspectivew Views Suck! (or is it me?)

Hi all,
Wondering if anyone else is continually disappointed at not being able to properly or accurataly look around a 3d scene in action to find where things should be located etc. If I zoom out too far using ALT-CTRL it eventually clips the plane, more often than not the center of the scene is not where the camera is located so rotating around the scene to find a better view is really hard. I try not to look at Nukes seemingly seamless ability to navigate in 3D and be jealous but really, what is up with these views. I would LOVE to be proven wrong and shown that I have been doing it wrong all this time but I suspect not. Please enlighten me…


I’ve done a good bit of somewhat complex work in 3D space in Action, and you are not wrong. It’s a little better than before, but it can be painful, particularly in large 3D spaces.

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Literally disappointed on the daily. I wish wish wish we had a real 3d viewport and controls… actions current implementation is truly the worst.


i totally agree, just last week had a few shots for a superbowl ad all 3d reprojection and so hard to navigate the seemingly empty scene in Side or front views. what i normally do is use the Orbit O tool to rotate and find what i need to visualise then reset the camera so i dont stuff up the cam. Its very inefficient. I seem to remember another camera view that is better to see all the 3d shapes but its lost to me now after a few years of flame updates.,

You might be referring to working cam, which is helpful.

yes exactly!

the problems I was tlaking about are with the working cam (perspectivee) view. Its never centered and you cant zoom out or in enough to see what you want… I dont understand.

Like the rest of you, I find it beyond annoying on a daily basis. It’s nearly impossible to find things and see how they all relate, especially if the scene scale is quite large.

It’s not helpful to say hey look at this software and copy that but…yeah, look at Nuke (or any 3D package) and do that. Give us the ability to move around a 3D scene arbitrarily with no clipping plane and see all the objects at all times (unless hidden of course) whilst having a cordinate plane to help orient ourselves. And not on black…I feel like I’m always looking into the void and it’s a game of hide and seek.


1000% agree, the fact that just zooming - in - out the viewer results in “zooming” of the perspective camera is nonsense, it should default to the same behaviour as any 3D packages and that is that you move the camera, I think remebering to use the dolly mode instead might work but… meh.

Its not like they dont know how to do it right, mayas viewport navigation is… fine. :exploding_head:

Yeah. Completely. It has been the subject of discuss with my colleagues for years. Orthograpic view is main thing against you have to fight making camera animations. Most of times, it makes it completely impossible.

yes, it sucks

I’m of two minds on this, because, yeah, on one hand it sucks, but on the other why am I using action to do this much 3D-scene heavy lifting?

It’s fine for 99% of use-cases.

when I’m hitting the ortho clipping planes or other 3D scene issues it’s because I’m trying to make action be a 3D creation app. Action’s ability to work in 3D is a siren song that has foundered many a ship.


Just posting for people that sound like they don’t know about this.

Push SPACE + F4

and you’re in the working cam view

look around holding ALT

(this still has issues but it’s better than trying to work in orthographic or result perspective)


Agreed and it works well.

I do get frustrated by not being able to zoom out past 6%. And the different scales one gets from various trackers can trip you up. Also finding the ground plane in action does seem hit or miss. But as a 2d bodge took it does get you there 90 odd percent of the time.

Is it wrong of me to think it’s easy to copy and paste some bits from Maya into flame @fredwarren ?

Is it wrong of me to think it’s easy to copy and paste some bits from Maya into flame @fredwarren ?

It is not easy at all. The best analogy I can find is cars. Tractors and cars are both mechanical machines used to make the people sitting on/in them move, but you can’t simply take the wheels of a car and put them on a tractors and vice versa.


Working cam definitely helps. But if your scene scale is large, then you’ll eventually run into frustration. I’ve found that it’s critical to build your scene from the outset on a reasonably small scale in order to not pull your hair out.




Ok, ok… but you see what it looks like!




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