Grading, paint and comp in 360 footage with Flame

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Tthere is a video called “The 360 VR Player - Flame 2018.3 Update - YouTube” . But does Flame actually support to comp, grade and paint in in 360 footage ?

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Welcome @joe99, great to have you here.

The 360 VR Player, from my limited experience in VR, is kinda like the ol’ Quicktime 7 VR Player. It allows you to pan around the inside of a lat-long.

Comp? Well, that depends. Kinda. But not really, me thinks. For example, there are no scene-level tools for tracking and matchmoving. You could put A over B, of course, but there’s nothing in Flame that I’m aware of that allows you to work within 360. Same with paint. Grade? Well, you can grade any picture, of course, but, there’s no shape tracking that I’m aware of in Flame that understands a 360 scene.

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For 360 cleanup this is a basic look inside of flame