3d blur

Is there any way to do a 3D blur in flame?

What I mean by this is probably in action to do a blur along x, y and z then manipulate the result?

My mind started with seeing about this for a title design.

kind of.

If you animate a loop but make it the same value on every frame, but with the tangents making the subframe curve going well above the default value, so the wave goes up to 100 and down to -100 for example, then turn on motion blur and set the sameples high, you will get the object to “blur” in 3d.

So if it’s a scaling loop it’ll be generally 3d blurry, and if you have different curves on all three axes you can blur the object a different amount per-direction.

I was thinking more of a title in 3D text which blurs then can be manipulated with deform.


Houdini > Convert Geo to Volume



Thought so.

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Yeah, as much as we love our Flame, it has it’s limits.


AttributeBlur P…