3d Camera Track Trick from Lewis Sanders

Hi friends,

I know I’ve seen this video before… and maybe even in this forum… but I can’t for the life of me actually find it. Does anyone know this one? The concept is… you do a 3d track and the you want add a point that wasn’t specifically located by the camera solve, so this trick allows you to put a point wherever you need it. I think there’s a duplicate camera involved and maybe a ‘look at’ expression… does this ring a bell for anyone? Asking for a friend… me… I will be your friend if you can find me the link to this video.

Many wonderful thanks in advance.


@MikeV made a script to do this super quickly

Thank you 1,000,000 times Andy Dill.

You are welcome.



That’s what I was thinking @kirk.

You take ONE coffee break…


Where the “please” or the bribery with home delivered donuts as barter? What kind of heathens are we devolving to?

oops, sorry. that’s a typo.

I meant to say @MikeV already made a script to do this.

All good man!