Find A Point

I just added a new script to the Logik Portal called find_a_point. It’s based on the super cool method to find a point in 3d space that @kirk shared on Logik Live over the weekend.

Right click in action → Create… → Find A Point.

It will create a camera locked to the current frame of the current tracked result camera and look-at link an x_y position axis node and z position axis node. Just position the x_y axis node, then go to a different frame to line up the axis in z.



Hot damn! Thanks @MikeV !

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This will save days. MVP.

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how do I get hold of this to try? (could you direct me to logik portal please)

The portal script can be found here:

Hey Mike,

Is there still the ability to download scripts without having to go through the portal? Are they on Github or anything?

thanks mike, I’ve downloaded and installed the logik portal, and the projector script. How do i access it? should it appear in the context menu in action? (maybe you have a guide on this logik portal generally?)

aha found it. and the guide in the portal. DOH!

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Hey Kyle

Yea, I’ve put all the scripts that are available on the Portal on GitHub as well. They can be found here: