3d find-a-point

Hey Gang! I was having a conversation with a fellow artist last week and it occurred to me that some of you may not have seen @lewis 's awesome Flame Find-A-Point trick that he posted to the Facebook group a while back:

This thing saved my ass last week, and not for the first time. Hats off to him. Everybody else, put it in your trick bag!


Lewis is awesome, such an ingenious technique! I had heard that the ability to snap to the point locators was broken, I haven’t tried it in a while though, does anyone know if that’s broken still?

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I use this all the time. It’s fucking brilliant.

Dayum that’s Top Shelf right there.

One thing that I forgot to mention, and that maybe (hopefully) I am the only one dumb enough to get tripped up by:

PFtrack puts an axis above your camera, you have to parent all subsequent cameras to that axis.

Seems silly to write it out now, but it did fuck me up for a good fifteen minutes. I’m hoping no one else has to feel as dumb as I did for that long.