3D model Track

Hi Guys,
I want to track the 3D sphere on an object, which I don’t remember exactly.
Can I use polygons of 3D models as track points?
Or how do I best track a 3D sphere on an object.


I think there are probably a few ways to do something like this. Your approach will depend on how good of an object track you need and what you’re using it for.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to track polygons of geo but I would guess it’s not. Regardless, using a 2d track isn’t going to give you the z depth information that you need for a rough object track.

Is the camera moving or locked off? Is the object moving or static?

If you can tell us more about what you’re tracking the sphere to and why then it might be easier to advise on an approach.

@Ryland Thank you,
I’ve got around 20 shots. I did most of it. There’s a globe and it’s spinning around itself. I’m removing the logo on the globe. And I’m adding a new logo.

I’ve fixed the camera motion on all the shots. Motion warp tracker and Planer tracker aren’t working well. There’s a lot of motion blur. I used 3D spheres to add a new logo. Maunel, I moved the logo with rotation…
I wonder what I can do differently.
Is it possible to track polygons of geo ?
I roughly added a few screenshots.
Thank you,For your support