3d Shape & GMask in Action

Is there a way to use a Gmask to cut a hole into a 3d Shape without it cutting all the way through and out the back?

I just want to cut out a section of the front face, not the entire shape.

Oh - and can it be set to lock into place? when i rotate my camera its cutting all through the model as if the GMask is directly between the camera and the 3dshape

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I think gmasks act like 2D cutters and slash through whatever object(s) they are linked to. So no way to cut only the front.

And it is between the camera and the object. You should control the z distance of the mask from the front of your object. If the object surface is curves (like an apple) the edges of the mask will be like a planar surface on the apple.

Am I making sense?

Yes…your explanation makes sense…and it’s how i have resolved the problem -
plus i have duplicated the model, reworked the Gmask splines for front, back and sides then reconnected them into a shape that only has a gmask link to the one face i want to cut.

I certainly miss not having a Boole shape for cutting holes (like i have in Cinema4d)