Gmask in action

Am I missing a trick? I want to use gmasks in the schematic inside action with one surface instanced many times. I want to have the masks be inclusive - that is, when attached to a surface they comp that layer with the shape I’ve drawn and not cut a hole in it. Is this possible?

If I understand correctly, you would need to attach the gmask to the surface in the schematic using GMask Link (Space+G). Once the blue line is drawn, you can isolate within that surface. You usually need to invert the GMask after doing so. Is that what you’re trying to do?

You can also drag as many surfaces of that media as needed, and gmask each individually.

I use this for quick offset cleanups very often. For removing track marks on a screen.

@La_Flame did an amazing deep dive into this very topic in Logik Academy Pro, Session 2.

Sadly not. I should have mentioned, I was trying to attach more than one gmask to the same surface.

I found a way around it though - I made a 3d shape and it did exactly what I wanted - so I could attach multiple masks to each 3d shape and use a diffuse to get the front mapped on it.

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I vaguely recall that to use more than one Action Gmask on a single surface, one Gmask is set to Blend and the rest are set to…Add? Multiply?? I just keep trying until it works.


Try setting any gmask beyond the first one to Multiply, with Invert toggled. The settings are very confusing and not logical.

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Hey You Guys!

I got a Feature Request for you:

Gmask Tracer - Consistent reveal/hide property across all Gmask uses



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