4K 32-bit EXR with passes / batch too slow

Hello Everybody,

I actualy work with a 4K EXR with multipasses from 3D as source.
In Batch, i have a setup with passes (Mastergrade / Action with multiple inputs / uvw pass with 4k textures, keyers…) but it takes about 18 sec to update the result.

Is there any solution to improve speed of the batch ? The exr is a 1Gb file size. File is on SSD.
IMac Pro.

I put mux node with freeze frame.
Did you cache exr? I need to have more responsiveness ?

I need your advices.
Thank you.

If you need more responsiveness cache, but ultimately the multi-channel reader in flame is about as slow as they come. Sadly Nuke is far superior for this kind of lifting.

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Do you really need 32bit?

where does the CG render come from? The kind of interleaving can make a difference here , as it dicated how much of the multichannel file has to be red , I havent tried all the options that flame likes but I would assume its PIZ. Not sure about the channel interleaving I get those backwards all the time, but if caching makes it fast look at the cached exrs and see the interleaving (I think mediainfo maybe can show this).

Flame caches all exr sources to PIZ EXR.

I have the same thing with blender renders and I just deal with the caching…

Buke is actually the same, some exrs like the zips from resolve are slow and their own written exrs with the same specs are fast, even if its just RGB…

sadly some renderers cant put cryptomattes/depth in 32 bit and color things as 16bit float (like blender).

cryptomattes and other datapasses are problematic in 16bit

Nuke isn’t really the same simply due to scanline binning. In flame you’re always going to be loading the full raster. Not too long ago, flame also wanted to read every channel before displaying the selected layer set. I think at least that has been solved now.

Admittedly scanline binning isn’t an exr only feature of Nuke though.

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wondering if action supports mipmapped textures? tiled EXRs could be amazing as build in proxy stuff but ive never seen it used outside of textures. (same with prores)

I tried to re-export in 16-bit exr but it didn’t work.
I changed the export format to PSD 16bit, it worked.

So simple.
I’m tired i think.

It works well. Half res. Very responsive to work with.
Thanks Quinn. I Tried to find a harder solution. Not always the good way.

I’m sure Nuke is better in some stuffs but i work with Flame…

Multichannel EXR is from C4D / V-Ray

hmm Mine are mostly from maya and houdini/vray and I get 16bit EXRs with 32bit datapasses , maybe thats a c4D limitation then. I have no issues using vray exrs in flame in terms of speed .

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Yeah i have from Maya too.
But, how do you get 16but EXR with 32bit passes into it?

pretty sure vray does this automatically now therenused to be a setting in the AOV tab where you can set the bitdepth per channel , EXR can handle that. Had some fun times when rewriting to new exrs and then cryptos broke thats why I learned about it.