Nuke vs Flame Playback

I’ve been dabbling in Nuke after a few years on Flame, and have found Nuke’s playback to be much much slower.

I’m reading 4K exrs, from an internal NVME RAID. Flame scrubs through and plays the files effortlessly, whereas Nuke’s read node is only getting 7fps while it caches into RAM.

Nuke/Flame artists, do you think I’m missing something obvious here? Or is this just the difference between Flame’s GPU acceleration vs Nuke’s CPU playback?

this is just how nuke is, its always been like this.

Nuke studio has more advanced ram caching and its a bit better but nuke scrubbing and interactivity is nowhere near flame if you sre just reading a file/sequence

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is this the scanline rendering vs how Flame displays footage? or more ram-caching vs playback off a high speed array

you can actually disable the scanline rendering now still doesnt make a difference.

I cant say what the technicla
reason is for this and how flame manages to do it so well, as does resolve, nuke is just craazh slow

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Yeah I posted this same question on a Nuke forum and got the same response ¯_(ツ)_/¯

No wonder so many Flame artists I’ve spoken to struggled with Nuke

for some reason even though everyone says use exr its faster its not, you can playback a prores just fine in nuke usually… which is interesting.

i think nuke is very I/O prohibited, its know also that nuke is VERY slow writing to network storage which is insane.

What I do is I mapped shift+r to open RV on a read node to playback precomps in realtime.

so I send my precomp to the farm, pull back the render and play it in RV , its pretty fast.

If you are pulling from the network, you can also use the Localization options to cache on your fast drive… still wont be real time.

nuke 14 is even worse -.-

I was alway expecting a “What does Flame has that Nuke does not” Thread…. playback would be the first item in the list.


For play down/shot review in Nuke there are a few options I like to set as default in the Viewer for max performance.

always on:
[half-float] gl buffer depth
use GPU for viewer when possible
use GPU for inputs when possible
disable GPU viewer dithering

on for review only:
enable full frame processing

With the above options set, and full frame processing on, it caches playback much faster that the defaults, and I can loop playback and pan+zoom around the image, plus use the gain+gamma viewer tools and it stays locked at the playback fps.

This is with Nuke 14.0v2, Rocky 8.5, NVidia A5000, NVMe raid, UHD, DWAA half-float exr frames.

Also, if you have ARRIRAW or R3D footage, enable ‘Use GPU if available’ on the read nodes and I like to disable the postage stamps on those as well.


Thanks, I have similar hardware so I’ll give these settings a shot