"rewrapping" EXRs

Ok so weird issue I am having with arnold renders, they are Multi-channel and not Multi-Part so everytime I want to read a single channel it has to read all of them. (I usually use vray)

Has anyone got a tool to rewrap those exrs to be multi-part ? Re-renderinng them in nuke takes like 20s per frame very annoying.

This is nuke btw but I am looking for external tools to rewrapp them with a different channel interleave. I looked at OIIO but that seems to not be doing what I want . I want to keep the bitdepth pet channel intact as well if thats possible.

I might be mistaken but a multichannel EXR will have a uniform color bit depth. EXR 2 which is where multipart was introduced allowed for varying bit-depths to coexist but that was a function of those EXRs being written as multipart, at least that’s what I thought.

Not a solution obviously, but perhaps takes off a restriction.

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ah that could be why arnold wants me to use different drivers for 16 and 32bit

But then they somehow manage to fit 32bit cryptomattes into a otherwise 16bit float render … but cant do it with depth(lol)

ahrg i want my vray back the grass is always greener on the other side :frowning:

even if I stay 32bit I still cant just re-arrage the channels and or remove interleaving easily it seems, bummer.

So many non obvious options sometimes really makes it painful to use this otherwise extremely nice format

Some of the choices made for Cryptomatte were due to the desire to have it work in as many places as possible and make the fewest assumptions about the host application. So although it’s not necessarily the most elegant, using two 16fp color channels to encode 32 bit integer “object IDs” was (at the time) the most robust approach that seemed to work with the most platforms.

is that how crypto does it now still? hmm arnold is weird to me… just because I have been stuck in vray land for forever now