Lenovo system question

Hi all. This has probably been covered extensively here already, but I wasn’t paying attention. I’m looking into getting a Lenovo and want to verify specs.

I’m told that what is available at the moment is:
P620 thread ripper 16 core, 3955WX at 3.9 ghz, A6000, 64gb RAM.

Obviously I would upgrade the RAM. But the question is whether to go with the 3955WX with 16 cores or 3975WX with 32 cores, but lower clock speed. My impression has been that 16 cores is perfectly fine for Flame use, and the box won’t be used for anything else.


I got a 16 and it’s been perfect for my needs. I can’t say I’ve actually monitored core usage during a substantial render, so I’m not sure to what degree even more cores may or may not help Flame. I just thought the 16 hit the sweet spot in price.

  1. Who is your reseller. We are using IT Creations and Gal there is solid.
  2. We always jam the specs to the top. We need it and it keeps the machine relevant for longer.
  3. So much of compute needs, are based on the type of workload. We have some custom plugins that are CPU intensive. Most of Flame is GPU based now and more so in the future.
  4. I recommend you run a benchmark with one of your sample batch files. People here have a variety of these configs. Offhand I know Randy has the 3975, I have the 3995. I’m sure someone has the 3955. Provide a batch, and it will be easy to see which config fits your workflow.
  5. You want to make sure you populate all 8 memory slots to maximize memory bandwidth. Which limits you pretty much to 128 or 256. We did 128.
  6. There is a guy on eBay in Sherman Oaks who has a few P620 with a high markup. I would stay away, shyster.
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Don’t over think it. If you can afford the 3975wx 32 core, go for it. If you can’t, the 3955wx 16 core will still be twice as fast as whatever you are using now.

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Or screw it and buy a backup 3955wx from CDW minus framestore for $3700 with the money you save from buying a 3955wx for your primary machine.


even the 3995 is only 2x faster than our current z840 which only have a decent V3, not even a top V4 processor. So depending on the “current” workstation a 3955 could actually be a downgrade. This is why context of the workload is important.

Really? That seems a bit counter to what this data is saying.

There is 1 HP under 8 minutes. There is a 3955wx at 5ish minutes. So…? Right? Or am I missing something?

Workload is just basic Flame stuff - 4K shots, beauty, fixes, and occasional really heavy batches for more creative stuff.

Exactly… This is why context is so specific. A random benchmark is not going to be representative of your real-world experience. Anyway, get the 3975 and you will be happy. It is a good middle ground. But if you really just want to settle it, spend the extra couple grand and get the 3995 and be done. Be aware that the whole 39XX series has been surprassed by 59XX.

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Thanks Alan.

Problem is finding available hardware. I’m told so far only 3955’s are available. Which I’m fine with anyway.

call Gal @ IT Creations

Sounds like you need a machine asap, but a few days ago Lenovo had the P620s shipping with the new 59xx chips on their site…not sure why they’re back to showing the 39xx versions for sale, but I would think the new chips are coming soon.

Just a heads up before you spend the $.

Also don’t forget the 3955 is totally upgradable to the 59xx with a chip swap and bios update. So, you can always start chill and go crazy when you get hooked.

That’s basically the plan. Swap out the proc later when it’s available and I’m not poor.


Yup. I mean, its not perfect, but, it is somewhat useful. Its the only apples to apples thing that we have. Even if the apples are fruit and you may only need veg.

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Half a second of a spinning pinwheel, and I am out.

microfreeze :laughing: