8TB of External storage for Flame Framestore on an iMac

Hi guys,

What would you recommend to use for an External storage solution for an 8TB (or maybe more) Flame Framestore to be hooked up to an iMac Thunderbolt 3?

Looking for the best cost/performance trade off.

Have been looking at an OWC Thunderbay Flex8 with 8TB nvme storage, but that is quite costly, any other ideas?


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If you had the luxury of internal, you’d be looking at $400 for a Highpoint or equivalent + x4 2TB NVMEs at between $200-250 a piece for about the $1500 mark.

For external, you’re in the $2100 range for 8TB external NVME storage.

If you are super desperate to keep costs down, I wouldn’t advise it, but you could roll your own with this…


thats still $1500 ish.

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Thanks Randy. Thunderblade 8TB looks good :+1:

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