.ABC files - anyone ever use these to get tracking data?

Hey flame folks! I’m trying to utilize an .abc file for tracking. I have both locators and the camera within two separate abc files. I tried importing as a read file, and as an alembic - no luck.

Is there a way to get the tracking information that I can apply to my 2D images?

you should be able to go into Action and use the import node to bring them in. It can definitely work.

Does that not load in a camera node and a geo node?

Is “objects/cameras” ticked off in the Alembic load screen?

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Thanks Andy! I was able to pull a fbx file that imported as it should. I had objects/cameras ticked off, so still trying to figure that out. I’m very new to importing tracking info and utilizing 3D cameras, so I’m feeling a bit out of my element. Now I’m trying to track in the 2D image I have into the footage using the tracking info, but I’m at a loss. Gonna be a long night…

make sure your action setup is looking thru the imported camera, not the default one. utilize your left/right & top views to help you place things in 3D space. If there are big 3D objects (like a ground plane), they will come in without any lighting turned on and its sometimes confusing what you are looking at - switch to wireframe in the action prefs so you can see the background plate thru the geo. it’s gonna be a walk in the park. :slight_smile:


Yeah you just need to put your footage into the 3d scene wherever the 3d tracked points are and it should stick.

One thing that use to trip me up was the Consolidate Geometry button that’s on by default. If you aren’t seeing locators and such broken out turn that off.

Also check that the key frames aren’t hanging out on frame 1001 or something.


Don’t forget to undisort your backplate and redistort on the way back out - sharper for me on my current job when i bounce to log for this stage with a linear surface

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Thank you, Tim! Yup, I’m viewing through the imported 3D cam. I’ve now been able to utilize the tracking for my 2D plate and placed it in 3D space, but it appears it’s still have trouble in identifying the proper z-axis depth. So, it moves as it should, but on the wrong plane. Any idea as to the cause of that? Thanks for the help!

Are the 3D locators consolidated within axis3 here?

depending on who did your match move they may or may not have provided proxy geo for certain objects in the scene to help you orient the 2D element you are trying to put in the shot. Some people / places will normally include geo or locators not only to help you place stuff accurately, but also show you a test render so you can see how accurate the camera solve is. It might be as simple as having the vendor re-export the alembic file again with some basic geo in the shot, specifically around the area you are trying to put something in. For example if you were trying to put something on a bldg front door - i would communicate that to the vendor so they will put a cube or rectangular piece of geo that matches the surface of the door in the plate in 3D space. that way you just match the position of the of that geo with your image surface, or better yet, just project onto the geo they provided. If they didn’t provide that you can sort of brute force it in there with some educated guesswork but the route of least resistance is get some axis or proxy geo for sure.