ACES and dissolves

Hi there,

Quick question. Playing with ACES workflow, and noticing that when there are dissolves, the original color space (in this case Log), is showing during the dissolve, but then pops back to (ACES displayed) Rec709 after dissolve. What’s the trick? Thank you!


You will need to pick one colourspace for both clips to dissolve through.

Ultimately ACES will need to be converted into something for viewing. Rec.709 or DCI - P3.

VFX work is sometimes kept in ACES for delivery to someone else but they seldom have dissolves

Edit: maybe it is your timeline colourspace that needs to be changed :thinking:


One thing of note:

Although the flame timeline can dynamically switch LUTs, your output clip will not.


Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for the info! They were dissolves from black. I ended up putting the dissolves above my Rev 709 view transform layer.

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