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Hi guys, can anyone export a frame in Aces to Photoshop and clean the frame and when it comes back the color space is different? I noticed that when opening the frame in Photoshop without painting and just exporting to Flame, the color space is correct, but if I clean the frame and export to Flame, the color space changes. obs I’m working with aces 2065-1

The color should not change, unless you change it.

how different is it?
and how is it different?

Is your PS file in 32 bit mode, I don’t think PS has the ability to do a 16-but float, but could be wrong here? And would you be able to perhaps be in ACES_cc for this? I find a lot of headaches trying to deal with linear encoded images in PS. Lastly, I believe there are some color management things on export from photoshop, I generally toggle them all off. Last thing are you in ACEScg or ACES 2065?

the colors are more saturated, using color correction to make them look like the original is not a good idea, even if you try to get to the original

ACES 2065, When pulling the photoshop frame in flame I convert it from 32bt to 16, I’ve already tried converting from ACES 2065 to GC in flame and exporting to PS and then converting from CG to 2065 but without success

I hate painting microphone boxes on clothes in Flame Paint, Photoshop and faster

What happens if you convert in flame to ACES_cc (aces log encoding) and try round tripping from photoshop and converting back in ACES. Do you still get a color shift?
Regarding the ACES_2065 thing: In general, my understanding is you want to be working in ACEScg, not 2065 as that’s a data transfer format with an unnecessary gamut. Again, I’m not expert on this by any means.

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All the material I receive comes in 2065, would you better convert it to CG and invert it at the end of the comp before exporting?

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I would. Thats the reason ACEScg exists. Is for us to work on. But I could be mistaken here, I am not generally the one making final color decisions where I work!

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I already converted 2065 to aces cct, imported it into photoshop and when I go back to flame it keeps changing the color space, I miss DPX

do the pixel values change, or just the color space tag?

if you difference matte the images do they show any change at all?

what happens if you export from flame and re-import immediately?

what file format are you using to export from both Flame and Photoshop?

I can work in CG and at the end of the comp go back to 2065 so as not to disturb the colorist, I’ll test

difference matte makes a lot of difference when I go back from photoshop to flame, I’ve already tried taking it to photoshop 2065 and CG, the 2065 comes back desaturated, a little washed out colors and the CG comes back saturated the colors

And the ACES_cc is also coming back from Photoshop with a color shift baked in?

Also, photoshop export in 2065 or CG, OpenColorIO is installed on windows where photoshop is available

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this is a dumb question probably, but can Photoshop even handle ACES files? Like does it apply the correct viewing lut when the image is loaded?

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Sounds like something is going on with OCIO, probably applying an sRGB viewing space I imagine, and maybe that’s getting baked in. OCIO is something I ashamedly have never used.

it applies correctly, if I simply import into photoshop and don’t do anything to the frame, and export the colors are perfect in flame, with no difference in color, but if I do a simple clean up in photoshop and export it comes back differently.

that is super odd.

Oh that’s super weird. So you can round trip cleanly but once you apply a layer you’re baking in some color shift.

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