ACES AP0 Linear EXRS as 16bit PIZ

Hi All, I am starting a feature film and they have requested the following:

  1. ACES AP0 Linear EXRS as 16bit PIZ in source resolution
  2. Frame numbering from 1001 with 8 frame handles.

Can anyone guide me through the import and export process?
I assume I need to tag the clips as ACEScg as I don’t see ACES AP0 Linear anywhere in my menu and the export using tag LUT. EXR’s are super slow too, so how would I cache as prores4444 and export as exr’s, does this change the media in anyway as my renders would be proress?
As for frame count starting at 1001, I have no idea.

Thank you

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If they are asking for AP-0 use ACES2065-1.
You can probably get EXRs to play fine from a fast SSD RAID… minding the resolution.


Wow, thank you

This is pretty standard stuff for movies and episodic shows.
We work with this all the time.
Set up your project as ACES and import as ACES 2065, then using colour management, convert to ACES CG for working, if using any CG, they usually render in ACES CG .
Do not convert to pro-res, but stay as EXR, otherwise your shots will be rejected.
Assuming you will need to add a slate frame, export with a 999 frame offset, meaning your slate frame will be 1000 and your first frame of picture will be 1001.
This is assuming you’re working in batch, not timeline.

Great thanks :+1:

Hey @Charmaine

I would just add my notes on the ACES colourspaces and wish you the best. You can always ask us anything else.

ACES 2065- 1 - This is a wide-range linear, colour space, with a larger coverage than the human eye, so it is used for archival copies and transfer of material between departments. This colour space has a set of primaries known as AP0. It can be used as a working space but it is more commonly used as a connection space to convert to a suitable working space such as ACEScg, ACEScc, or ACEScct.

ACEScg - This is a Linear space for working with CG/VFX. This is the space you need to use as the main colour space for working with colour set-up and light in your rendered images. This colour space has a smaller colour gamut. It’s primaries are known as AP1.

ACEScc and ACEScct - Logarithmic colour spaces intended for colour correction. It has the advantage of making colour grading tools feel much more like they do when working in a log space. It also uses the smaller AP1 primaries.


Thanks Richard. Such great info

Hi Guys. Do I select this when starting my project or do I stay in Legacy?
Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 09.54.43

I use the ACES one as a base and I customised it once I had gotten used to it and I understood it more.

Mostly I just removed a lot of the viewing options. Kept only the ones I was using and I customised some of the rules so that my clips were tagged using rules.

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It is worth spending 8 mins watching this :grin:

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Apple ProRes caching only affects integer formats (8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit, 16-bit). Any Floating Point media format will be cached as RAW or EXR, based on your project settings.