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Has anyone upgraded their version of ACES? Flame 2018 (I know) has ACES 1.0 installed, we’ve been asked by a vendor to use ACES 1.3, which is fine on our Nuke boxes, but we want Flame to be able to join the party.

So has anyone upgraded ACES and if so, how?


I could be wrong, but I think ACES version support is tied to software releases. You might have to move a few years of Flame into the future.

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They seem to all be tucked away here:


Maybe someone can share a copy of that folder from a newer version and you can place them here. I am only on 2020.3.1 (ACES 1.1)

What version of ACES is shipping with Flame 2022?


What’s new in ACES? Anything good?

  • A new gamut compression algorithm to deal with the “blue fringe problem” some users experienced with extremely bright saturated objects (e.g. brightly colored LED lights).


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Just had it confirmed by AD that 1.3 is the default in 2022.1, 1.1 was introduced in 2019.2.2

As Randy said mainly bug fixes and the blue fringe fix.


Hi Paul,

Mark here at Autodesk!
I am the Support Specialist who handled your case here.
Just to clarify, as Randy mentioned, ACES 1.1 is the current version supported by Flame 2022.1 (not 1.3).
The Academy announced ACES 1.3 in May.

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Hi Mark,

Sorry i was told by my Flame supplier that 1.3 was now the default in 2022.1.

Yeah no that’s definitely not correct.

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Yes ACES 1.1 is the current supported version for Flame Family products.

The Academy announced ACES 1.3 here:

You can add an Improvement Request here for ACES 1.3 support in Flame:


Sorry if there has been any confusion here.

Thanks guys, I though AD had done a fast job of getting 1.3 running in Flame.

Ok, so just to clarify, whilst I have you here, there is no ACES only upgrade I can run on Flame 2018 to move it to ACES 1.1?

Yes you are correct. ACES support is integrated into the software releases and is not a separate modular installation.

aaand this is why we want OCIO support (even trough some abstraction layer with syncolor)

What about a OCIO matchbox has this been done? should be possible maybe idk?

Agree with this 100%. OCIO support and a modular approach, so we don’t have to wait for AD to decide when we can use the newer version - however minor the improvements.

We have just moved our entire Nuke base to 1.2, although not included in the Nuke release, without any issue and will be moving to 1.3 for this new project, as the vendor has requested it.

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and how do you even start dealing with what netflix etc are doing now with a showlut and a shotgrade ir sometimes multiples of that studiowide? You cant in flame.

OCIO is very much needed for this stuff.

Anyone know if there is support for ACES 1.2… or is Flame not up to the job yet?

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Flame 2022.1 does not yet support ACES 1.2.

Hi, Fred let me know about this thread and I would just like to add some detail on this topic.

ACES 1.3 is the current release and the only new feature it contains is a gamut compression algorithm that is useful to prevent colored lights (e.g. from a police car) from clipping in the ACES Output Transforms. There is a Matchbox script for a development version of this algorithm (there were some changes in the final version, but this gives you a close approximation) here: GitHub - jedypod/gamut-compress: Tools to compress out of gamut colors back into gamut.

ACES 1.2 added version 3 of the Common LUT Format (CLF) and the ACES Metadata File. Flame supports version 2 of CLF.

ACES 1.1 was the most recent release that introduced new color transforms and Flame has supported that for several years. So if you just need the current versions of the color transforms, Flame already has that.

Doug Walker