Aces to st2084 (pq) dci p3 65

Morning all
I’ve come across a new issue and need to see if anyone else has come across this.
I’m working in aces and my deliverable to a SVOD is st2084 (pq) dci p3 d65. I’ve had a fail as my output is over 1,000nits, the grade in sections is pretty hot but it shouldn’t be over 1,000nits due to the viewing rules. I can apply a clamp to bring down the highlights to the correct levels but the transform is working correct in Nucoda and in Resolve.
Is the issue associated to not being able to select if the curve is set to 1,000/ 4,000/ 10,000 nits in flame or could this be something else?
I don’t really want to apply a clamp but if that’s my only option then I’m more then happy to.
Has anyone come across this before?
Thanks, Rob

Yea so if you just go out PQ it uses the 10K curve so its literaly just applying PQ to your linear ACES source, you dont want to clamp but rather have a soft rolloff, which is what the 1K option does in resolve. there should be a 1K aces st2084 somewhere in flame as well, maybe as a viewing rule?

Cheers for getting back to me @finnjaeger I was starting to presume that was the case. I had a go at turning off the other viewings rules and only leaving the 1,000 nit one but it made no difference, I’ll give it a try by applying the colour management from scratch and a restart and see if that helps things.

I’ve just deleted the viewing rules for everything except aces 1000 nits and the issue is still there. I’ve got no other option but to clamp now. I don’t understand why it’s not limiting at 1000 nits if that’s my only viewing rule option. I’m doing this job on 2020.3.1 so I’ll going to test on the latest version of 2021 and see if I get the same results.

Wait. Are you saying it looks right when viewing but your output/deliverable isn’t correct?

In the scope I can see the values hit just above 1000nits in aces and in st2084 (pq) dci-p3 (d65 white).
Also my exported tiffs are also sitting in the same place. I can only suggest that the viewing rule doesn’t work as it should for 1000 nits if it’s putting the levels above it.
I’ve just done a test by creating a new aces 1.1 project. Created a set of 100% bars as acescg, put a colour correct on and set the gain to 1000 and the contrast to 1000, this puts the levels in the red over 1000 nits. Then apply a aces view transform from acescg-from rules-st2084 (pq) dci-p3 (d65 white) I’d expect the levels to be rolled off at 1000 nits but these are above. Clamping seems to be my only option but I shouldn’t have to do this

yea thats weird,. will try to check later but Ive done this before and it was fine hmm, what if you just add a colortransform as a gap FX to your view transform there and export without any “lut” (I hate the name lut on export… its a color transform not a lookup table get it together adsk)

I’ll give this a try tomorrow, I should have a little bit of time to test it out. I didn’t get round to testing on a newer version of flame today so hopefully I’ll get that chance as well.

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