Arri 35 - Log C4 - Arriraw

hi all - on a shoot with the newish Arri Alexa 35. running arriraw Log C4. any thoughts on the best workflow. im going into flame and tagging as log C4 array wide gamut. is that the best workflow?

sounds good to me, honestly nothing much you can do wrong there just make sure to have a look at the raw settings if its really set to logC v4 and all that jazz, should be default though.

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We’ve found 2023.3 handles LogC4 better than 2023.2. We were getting what looked like a legal to full curve happening compared to how Baselight was handling it when using 2023.2.

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Im on 2023.3 - everything is coming out quite dark. Not overly so. But now what im seeing on the monitor on the day

Also should I be running the whole project aces 1.1 - or on default as I am now?

have you done regular workflows with logCv3 or other camera formats ?

You need to either run aces or create your own viewing rules. in aces once you have tagged it correctly it will look fine in the viewer. But it wont match the dailies depending on how the dailies where made.

in default you are looking through some old conversion from log to 709 or whatever, if you hit “bypass” in the viewer you should get log.

Yes I normally use aces. But when I did that with log4 it looked darker. So tried default. Just wondering what other people did with log4

went back to aces 1.1 and its definitely darker than expected. but better than my own viewing configs! I was talking to the DIT and they said in Resolve it appears darker too.

darker than what? than a regular alexa in v3 side by side? or darker than the alexa V4 rec709 lut?

I did not have any issues running aces with v4 footage, but the DP on set used aces as well, need to checkout the difference between the 2 luts, generally V4 is “darker” comapred to v3 if you compare the log because of increased highlight range but “after” aces it should be the same as they should equalize when converted from logCVx to ACES