Action - generating fields? 2023

Has anyone seen Action strangely generate fields on progressive footage? To try to nail it down I made a new project and my batch just has a one layer going into it. Looking at it’s render (which has nothing going on but a surface from that layer 0), fields are introduced. I have made sure it’s set to progressive in the media layer.

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Does the source have fields? If not, it can only generate fields on your animation. Is that what is happening?

The source doesn’t have fields, it’s just when I put it in action suddenly fields are generating. Is there a way to explicitly tag a clip as progressive in batch?

in the resize that is embedded in the image, there is a progressive box, but anything in there should only manifest itself if resize is selected. Otherwise, if the clip is tagged progressive, it should carry that tag throughout. In my preferences I set them to ignore the scan mode and just tag as progressive, so that if anything I bring in has been improperly tagged, it gets fixed from the get go

EDIT: I didn’t state that properly- Normally I use ignore scan mode so that whatever I do is done in the mode of the node, rather than read the scan mode of the clip.

I’m wondering if something else is happening that just looks like fields. Sadly, I can’t really tell if I can’t see it.

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Come on into Discord and share your screen.

The Ignore Scan Mode button is in Preferences>General.

Also batch doesn’t really care what the scan mode is. It is only important in certain nodes like action, and a batch can have a mixture.

Thank you Tim! The resize & the prefs seems to have fixed it. Weird stuff.

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Slightly related, if 2:3 Insert is checked ON in the Player it will add interlace. I sometimes turn this on by accident when aiming for “Play All Frames”


Note, this menu is accessed by pressing and holding the player’s Play button (this pic is from an older version, BTW).