Action - generating fields? 2023

Has anyone seen Action strangely generate fields on progressive footage? To try to nail it down I made a new project and my batch just has a one layer going into it. Looking at it’s render (which has nothing going on but a surface from that layer 0), fields are introduced. I have made sure it’s set to progressive in the media layer.

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Does the source have fields? If not, it can only generate fields on your animation. Is that what is happening?

The source doesn’t have fields, it’s just when I put it in action suddenly fields are generating. Is there a way to explicitly tag a clip as progressive in batch?

in the resize that is embedded in the image, there is a progressive box, but anything in there should only manifest itself if resize is selected. Otherwise, if the clip is tagged progressive, it should carry that tag throughout. In my preferences I set them to ignore the scan mode and just tag as progressive, so that if anything I bring in has been improperly tagged, it gets fixed from the get go

EDIT: I didn’t state that properly- Normally I use ignore scan mode so that whatever I do is done in the mode of the node, rather than read the scan mode of the clip.

I’m wondering if something else is happening that just looks like fields. Sadly, I can’t really tell if I can’t see it.

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Come on into Discord and share your screen.

The Ignore Scan Mode button is in Preferences>General.

Also batch doesn’t really care what the scan mode is. It is only important in certain nodes like action, and a batch can have a mixture.

Thank you Tim! The resize & the prefs seems to have fixed it. Weird stuff.

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