You've Been Burn'd Ep666: Totally F'ck'd

I just starting tracking a major issue with Batch/Action in 2024.1 that in some circumstances, actually modifies Batch/Action setups upon Flame exit, such that, it is not the same as when you left. I can’t show the setup nor screen recording due to security.

Hounding of ADSK regarding this has begun. In the meantime, I recommend, unfortunately, not upgrading to 2024.1 for now. So many other aspects of this release that are great.


:scream: Thanks @ALan
Does it have anything to do with the resolution changing involving overscan :thinking:

Not that I know.

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Oh man.

Hi. Is there any update on this? We’re just about to launch a shared project in 2024.1, so just wondering if we could be walking into a nightmare? :grimacing:

Cheers for the heads up.

Devs are punting this to Support, which has yet to get back to me. But in my scenario, this is repeatable 100%.

There is one other rendering bug I’ve been observing with 2024.1, but I haven’t nailed it down yet, so not reported to support. I only report things I can reproduce and given them an archive for.


Just received from Support:

We appreciate your patience while we are investigating the issue. We may have found the source of the problem, but are not sure if we can reproduce from scratch or if we have a workaround yet. We will be in touch when we have something to relay from our end.


We can now reproduce this from scratch. The source of the problem seems to be related to the usage of the Clone Media+FX or Paste FX/Media+FX options on a layer that has a Modular Keyer and a Source Front / Source Matte linked to it. We have not been able to reproduce the issue with a “standard” copy/paste of the entire Action node + inputs.

We can also reproduce this problem in previous versions so it is not new to 2024.1 Update.

Alan, to your knowledge/best of memory can you confirm that the recipe above is something you may have done? If not, it is possible that there is another action that triggers the problem but we haven’t found anything else on our side yet.

Problems related to a released version must go through Support. This is nothing new.

Sometimes I do accidentally hit Clone instead of Copy, but not recently in that slot. Not at all. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever intentionally used Clone. I never noticed it before 2024.1. I don’t know if you saw the second video that I included in the Flame archive.

I was about to update to 2014.1. If I don’t link a modular keyer, is this problem still happening? I hardly ever use modular keyer.

The issue is with both “Clone Media+FX” and the Copy “Paste Media+FX” combo.

Hi ADSK friends,

Can you share plans for issuing an update to address this defect? Waiting for Update 2 isn’t optimal.

There are currently no plan defined. We will do our best to provide a fix before 2024.2

But is this happening on the BFX tab or as a Batch Effect? Desktop Action as well…?

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To be clear, to the best of our knowledge:

  • The bug is not a regression introduced in 2024.1 Update. It is possible be there since Flame 2014.
  • The bug only happens if you clone/paste a media layer that as a Source Front / Source Matte and Modular Keyer inside the Action Media list.
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Thank you for the update Fred.

I’m working in a legacy tail off project today in 2024. I don’t have this issue. Maybe it is because the magical combo of accident actions specified above hasn’t happened in that version of the setup. Now it is possible, that combo of actions accidentally happened as I updated the setup to take advantage of new MK functions of 2024.1 (thank you), but I don’t recall doing anything like that.

So now the community has the info. Do as you like. 2024.1 is a great release and the foundation for the future of Flame.

I do hope we can get a QFE (requested via Support) for this issue as it is very problematic dealing with.

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ADSK has provided me a QFE build that fixes this issue. If you are interested in upgrading to 2024.1 and your workflow would be affected by this bug, get with support and the special build. If your workflow is not affect, update to 2024.1 plain, its a solid release.


This defect has been fixed in the 2024.1.1 Service Pack.

Hi Fred… Thank you for getting the 2024.1.1 release done, but your post is the first time I’m hearing about it. Looks like it was released 2 days ago. Why does the community not get any notification about these releases? Very frustrating. Can someone either make announcements here or send our a blast email?

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