Star matchbox render issue


I’m creating a Starfield using the matchbox plugin in batch. When i render the result loses alot of its depth when i view it in the media hub or timeline Cant figure out why, its as if i loses some of the details completely



Are you rendering into a 4:2:2 format possibly (like ProRes or DNxHD other than the 444 flavors?) Or rendering at a different resolution than your timeline such that it’s getting scaled afterwards?

No this is just rendering in my batch. The setup i used was from a previous project so maybe that is causing the issue? That project was legacy colour policy

What version are you on? It may be a filter issue. There were problems with filtering in v2022.2

Will resizing/clamping the action give you the same result as the render node? Could be a lot of stars getting generated way out of range.

Likely you are just viewing something incorrectly. You mentioned last project was Legacy? What is this projects? Color Management Policy?

Yeah this project is ACES. The batch setup is from a legacy project.

So are you looking at it apples to apples, through the same viewing rules?

The issue is in the ACES project it looks exactly how i want it to until i hit render then the result looks different. The viewing setting in batch and the timeline match but they dont look the same.

Then likely you are doing something wrong in the timeline. Are you rendering any resizes or actions BEFORE the color management in the timeline is happening? Sounds to me like you are clamping something and then doing colour management on top of something that ain’t 16bits.

Sorry when i say timeline i mean the render in batch shelf. Im not doing anything other than looking at the render.

Is your player set to 100%?

Then your Render node likely has a Colour Management set incorrectly.

Id grab the ACES test images and recreate your pipeline on known images and break each step down and you’ll see pretty quickly where the problem is.

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Check that the output node isn’t color managed to another bit depth or color space. Tends to be the culprit.

Thanks Randy, this has only been an issue for the stars shader, everything else is fine.