Actual Frame Number Burn-In in Flame 2024

Let me try this again, fresh more appropriate topic.

Can someone explain to me how to get Flame to show me the actual frame number on the server of the image sequence of the actual frame that I am looking at in my timeline?

I thought I had solved this by reconfirming the entire 8 minute video fresh in Flame 2024, until someone pointed out that in my numbered conform that I had put out so that everyone could figure out what frame is what, it ignores timewarps. To be specific, the compositor knew that the frame sequence was going in reverse, and yet my frame numbers were counting up. So I guess Frame > Source Media > Current is a kinda sorta sort of thing? I have some timewarps where the action starts and stops, lots of hold frames and the frame numbers… just count up. Honestly not sure the point of that is.

I really hope I am missing something obvious here.

Around 6:40 is the timewarp section.

Thank you Philippe, but my god why?

Just read the frame number from the file! You don’t have to do this to get the TC to stand still on a timewarp. You guys are being too clever by half, just read the frame number back to me.