Flame 2024 - Timeline editing Feature or Bug?

Since updating to 2024 and Mac OS 13, i’m seeing a new and really annoying bug whilst editing on the timeline.

Many of my jobs require me to cut down existing quicktimes - and i tend to split the shot up into indivdual clips prior to re-ordering etc.

I am seeing an issue when i move the playback head to the first frame of a subclip, as long as the wacom (or Mouse) is held down what i see in the viewer is the frame BEFORE the frame i am on. As soon as i release the cursor, the correct frame is shown.

It makes it really confusing to know what shot you are looking at, or if you have a stray frame from the previous shot that has been left in the timeline.

Anyone else seeing this?

Hi @Lightningad, I’m trying to understand what you are seeing. Would you like to jump into a live Discord session now to show me the problem?

Hi John,

i can’t - the mac my Flame is on does not have Discord on it.

i’ll see if i can record a clip to show it

hi John,

just uploaded a clip to vimeo flame bug you’ll need the password logik

don’t want this on public because its a commercial i’m working on.

I noticed the frame being shown whilst the pen is pressed tends to appear when you move right to left on timeline, less often going the other way. Also- as this was just a quick test, it was done with mp4 source material and not “proper” edit format, so that might be a cause.


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Maybe your mouse/pen/tablet settings changed to something much more sensitive when you upgraded to OS13

don’t see how that could cause this problem. It does it whether i use Pen or mouse.

A sensitivity thing . . . just throwing it out there.

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it looks like its more likely an mp4 issue. Abraham at Autodesk has managed to replicate the issue and is investigating further.

Makes editing a sequence very confusing when you keep seeing random frames in the wrong places only for them not to be there when you stop to check!

Ah yeah I have had this. Basically if moving backwards through a mp4 it gets the frame ordering wrong. My habit is when dropping a mp4 on the timeline I add a colour correct soft effect to force it to cache, then go to the first frame, check play all frames is selected in the play drop down menu, then play. This caches the mp4 correctly in sequence. I always do that when dropping say an mp4 offline in to the time line.
I guess this is only true when working with soft imported mp4s.


Worth knowing…thanks Rufus!

Yes, it’s when you’re scrolling backwards, what you see is BS… I’ve seen that many times with soft-imported QTs

Weirdly done hundreds of these edits but never seen this behaviour before. According to Abraham in support this particular issue started with 2023.

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