Adding edits to connected conform

Hi all, apologies if this has been asked before, I had a look but couldn’t find it-

I have a connected conform job with lots of versions - 60", 30", 15"s etc etc. Client has just added a 45" edit, which I believe is a cutdown of the 60".

How do I add the new 45" edit into the connected conform pool?

What I have tried to do is match out all shots from the 60" into a new reel, then use this reel as conform search location for the 45". The matched sources have their connections. However, when I link the media from the 45" to the connected segments, the segment connections vanish.

Wondering if this is a bug or is there a setting I’m missing, so that the segment connections carry across when I link to them?

I’m a bit scared of updating the shots/sources sequences because I don’t want to break the existing conform.


Is your 45 in the same reel group?

Yep just one reel group.

When I relink to the matched segments from the 60", it recognises that they have the same source segment, but it just blitzes the connection.

Btw I’m on Flame 2023.3

When the 45s conform is done, check whether the source still is shared in between all timelines (right click on one segment and there must be a shared source line). When not, there might be some broken internal pipeline, that would need you to just unlink and reconform everything. (As it already was conformed this is a 2 click procedure)

When shared sources still are connected, you can select all clips in the 45s timeline and by using the shared source tab and create a new source segment connection. (Sync and just this reel needs to be disabled, overwrite connections needs to be active), you will get back the segment connections.

Thanks @hildebrandtbernd . This kinda worked, but I was hoping for a less destructive workflow that doesn’t affect current segment collections. I tried moving them to new reel group and creating new source seg connections, but when I moved them back to the initial reel group they had no connections with all the previous reels

I’m pretty sure this feature is bugged. Playing around a bunch, I managed to maintain segment connections after relinking about 25% of the time, and I couldn’t determine when the connections would be maintained.

Here is a workaround for the bug that seemed to work for me:

  1. Copy existing 60" and new 45" to a new reel group
  2. Match all shots from 60" to a new reel
  3. Select all the matched shots and right click/open as sequence. No clue why, but on my Flame this seemed to trick it into maintaining segment connections
  4. Then link the 45" to the matched clips. Voila, all the segment connections are there!
  5. In one of my tests, this didn’t work, then I just redid it and it worked lol

Hopefully this helps anyone else encountering the same glitch.

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I think you might need to match out the shots from the 60s to a Sequence Reel, not a plain Reel.

UDPATE - just tested this and working for me over here.

Matching shots out to the same desktop reels maintains my shot connections (Flame 2023.3)

Moving any edits or shots to another desktop reel group breaks the connections.

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But if you move them back, the connection should be re-established I think.

I thought that too, but the last time I tried it it did not. When I unlinked the media and relinked to the connected sources, however, all was well in the world again.

Im on 2021.1 and a plain reel breaks it for me.

I was helping a coworker on this segment connection question just today. As a test, try changing your Match criteria to include handles or exclude handles (the opposite of whichever you had selected, I don’t remember which one off the top of my head worked today) and then set your search location to the newly matched out clips. My coworker said he was running into the same issue and we swapped that handles setting and then it would relink with the connections intact. Worth a try if you are still looking for ideas! Otherwise, what you’re describing is something I do all the time on 2024.1, can’t speak to 2023.3 anymore.