Conform: Keep Shot Names

Hi there,

Is there any way to conform from existing sources and keep their shot names?

I’m matching all existing shots from a sequence to a reel and set this one as conform desitination.
All those matched sources do have their shot names.

But after conforming, those shot names got lost.

Replacing the media doesn’t do the trick.
Update shot sequence doesn’t do the trick.

Connected conform isn’t an option, since the "old master“ must not be altered.

Thanks again!

Ps. Flame 2020.3

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I think you can select all the segments, hit 9, which brings up the rename window, and change the token to Name. Usually the name changes to whatever is in the EDL/AAF/XML after the assembly. I usually set them to Tape Name before I start by selecting all the unlinked segments and changing the token

Hey there Chris,

As you’ve noticed, by default, Flame doesn’t replace names in a conform scenario. The names of the sequences from your EDL carry through even after you’ve conformed, and in my opinion, this is a good thing. Whether this should be a setting is a good question, but maybe we’ll save that for another topic. You can always select all of your shots in a sequence and rename them using the token source name and that will get rid of the name inherited from the EDL or the name it was given at an early stage and replace it with the name of the actual source, but that wouldn’t help you with your shot names.

I think I have a solution for you, but it involves jumping through a few hoops! It involves the connected conform and the concept of saving things in your library. I just did a test and it worked on my end, but happy to work with you on seeing if we can get it to work for you.

This all hinges on how you have named your shots. For this to work, your shots need to still have a token that is keeping your names “live”. Usually people use background index or something. Is that the case?

Thanks Tim,

But I’m not talking about source names. I mean the shot name which is displays like [shot name] next to source name of the clip.

Yeah, Background-index was in use. The order ist different now.
If the new edit lives in the same reel group and the master wouldn’t be locked, I would simply update my shot sequence.

But unfortunately this isn’t the case, since I have to keep the handles from the locked master.

I ended up with renaming the matched sources with the -shot name- token, conform and then using -source name- in Rename Shot. After that I’m renaming the segments to their source names again.

The order of the shots being different should be fine. And the handles from the locked master should be unaffected with this workflow.

The first step is to take what you’re working on and make sure it’s saved in your library. Stuff saved in your library is protected from lots of things, including the Connected Conform. Once it’s saved and you feel good about it, take out your conform and double check your shot names are still “live” with the token. Right click on all of them and create a Segment Connection. The purpose of the segment connection in this scenario is just to hold the shot name for when you link it to a new conform. And since the original conform is saved away in your library, you are only affecting the temporary conform that exists on your desktop.

Once you’ve made a segment connection, match all of the shots out to a reel. Now, take your new conform and relink it to the matched clips. You will notice the new clips still have their segment connection chain link. The last step is to go to the old sequence that is still on your desktop- the one you matched the clips out from, select all of the clips in the timeline, Rename Shot, confirm they’re still “live” with the token, and click the rename shot button. Since the clips are linked it will send the correct shot names to the new conform.

At this point you can delete the old sequence from your desktop, remove the segment connections from your new sequence, save the new correctly named sequence into your library, and restore your desktop to the way it was before you embarked on this adventure.

Let me know what you think!

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I got your point!

By reading your answer I got another more or less similar idea:

I’ve my new edit in another reel group (this way the connection to the other reel group is broken).
Then I’ve copied the shot sequence to this new reel group and updated the shot sequence.
Same effect. Shot names stays intact even without dynamic tokens.

Same, but different… but still same :smiley:

Only side effect is, that I’d previous cleaned up the AAF before generating the original shot sequence. So I have to redo all those clean ups in the new edit to get the update shot sequence working properly.

One way or another… There’r still some clicks to do to get it working… Would be nice to keep shot names just by conforming on those existing sources.


Nice! Whatever gets the job done!

I don’t think it would be crazy for there to be a new feature to allow you to choose what name is used when conforming-- something like a checkbox in the Conform tab’s options menu that says “Use Shot name from media” / “Use Source name from media” instead of using the names in the sequence.

And as a side note, I use the Connected Conform all the time but I’m too afraid to use Update Shots / Sources sequence for the exact reason you described. I get my Sources / Shots sequence into a great place and never want to touch it again! I usually do my updates manually.

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Haha yes! Same… I’m creating the shot sequence only to get proper connections and try to never touch it again. It’s just this unfortunate situation, when new edits comes in afterwards…

What also works is to generate only the sources sequence and create the connection with “create source segment connection”. This way Flame ignores all the individual timeline effects (like timewarp) and the connection are on source level. Which makes more sense, when shots are comped with another software.
Updating this one is also a lot easier.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the case in my situation. It all begun with “yeah there’s only this one short version and there’ll no more edits”. And boom… There’re other edits :smiley:

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Source Segment Connections are exactly how I use my Connected Conform workflow, so I know it very well! Fun to hear someone else using it the same way! I couldn’t agree more. Sorry about this obscure scenario, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

Hope everything is good with the shot names.

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@ChrisKasten, I know I am using 2021.1 but I think if you copy segments out of the sequence, they now retain their source names and not the sequence name.

I actually highlighted this is one of my Flame capsules where I showed exporting source media.

This feature is recent so it might not be in your version.

Hope this helps.


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I did this yesterday with a reedit. I matched out the clips to a reel from the shot sequence, set as conform location, linked everything and shot names carried over.

There were existing segment connections of course… and this is 2021.1.


Hey there. I’m not using 2021 yet but there is a button in the lower right of the event list window called something like “keep source name”. If you toggle it on then it will keep the name of the source and not use the clip name when assembling the EDL.

I’m trying to conform from shots matched out to the desktop - it seems that the [shot name] in the timeline cannot be overwritten by shots in a reel/library. This is bit of a ball ache IMHO for re-edits. If anyone has found a way around this (tried methods in this chat so far and haven’t had success in 2022.3.1.

I have a simple approach to this problem. I just copy the [shot name] to the clip name (re name and name are not a clear label in my opinion)

Then once I have re done the conform I copy back the clip name to the shot name.

I only have this problem when edits come back in after the event.

My understanding was that shot name metadata more or less lives at a sequence level. It refers to sequence’s shots. It doesnt live on the segment, it lives on the sequence. That helps me understand it.

I think i do something similar to PlaceYourBetts…

If your segment names are simply longer versions of the shot name like below for example,

shot name = ABC_sh001
segment name = ABC_sh001_grade_v1

Or something similiar, I select all the conformed segments (now lacking a shot name), then use this script to copy the segment name to the shot name, then open the sequence and use the Conform tab to bulk edit the shot name column back down to to the actual root shot name. The bulk edit thing is very handy.

I’ll check this out.

Normally when I conform, I will get all the edits. Make a source timeline. Make a shots time line. Then check if all through. Select all shots and name them ABC_sh[###1+1] (something like this - custom index with 3 hashes). Then rename segments [shot name]_scanlinear_L[track##]_v001. With an extension version up to v2 etc.

Is that what you all do?

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Hiya John! (this is Kieran in NY btw!)

Ya pretty much the same naming for me. Always make Source Sequence, but stop before making a Shots Sequence. Having all the shots to their longest length is all i need.

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Yeah same as you

Actually as I progress and I only have one clip (comp layers having been done in batch) I do some dynamic renaming. [shot name]_comp_v[version]

But to keep the shot name for new edits I am prepared to mess up my naming so that I can easily carry the shot name

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