Smart replace vs Unlink media and reconform


So at the moment i am on a project where we are not working with a ideal workflow. Another artist is finishing up the main films (16x9) and in the meanwhile i am doing the aspect ratios.

i am doing this in a different workspace in seperate sequence reels per format and i want to replace his newest renders.
Everything is linked correctly with segment connections.

I thought that if i would use “match” that those renders would ripple through all timelines but for some reason it only adjust within the sequence reel. If i unlink media and reconform to those renders it goes as how i would expect it to go.

is matching a different behaviour than a full reconform since matching does not replace the source according to my results?


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Sorry i dont understand… Which is match? The M key?

To me, I match out a clip, i dont match in. Match (m key) = pulling a segment out of a timeline, Replace Media (ctrl+shift+r) edit operation = going into a timeline segment.

Maybe you have Segment Connections, but actually need Source Segment connections?

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Do you mean an editorial replace? I think you have to have a source connection for that to work.

Edit: yeah, @knhn is correct I believe.

I use replace media (Shift-J) with simple connected segments all the time.

@ytf just tested it. You’re right. I’ll exit stage left.

I find the whole connected sources/connected conform thing too cumbersome. I just add a segment connection to all my shots before I start.

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@ytf seems like that’s really all it is… I think–a series of connected segments (plus the source/shot sequence.) I just though there was some real differentiation between source and segment connections as far as the old replace command is concerned but I apparently not. Live and learn I guess.

Hi Jeronimo,

I think you mean ‘Replace media’ indeed. ‘Match’ means you extract a clip from a timeline and place it somewhere separate to work on it for example.

Sound like maybe you only have your sources linked, and not a source segment connection created. You can check this when right ‘context’ clicking on segment and see how it is connected.

Before replacing the clip with the latest render try to right context click and choose “create source segment connection” and choose what you want to include (current reel, reel group, only sequence reels.) If there is already a Source segment connection present I think the only option that the context menu gives you is “duplicate source segment connection”.

And indeed if you reconform clips you’re linking to sources so those will ripple through
And when replacing media you replace segments (and they will ripple through only when there is a segment connection).

*I hope I got all names right, I’m not behind a box as you know :wink:

On a differente note: I wish flame would name the two processes differently, now it sounds too similar and creates lots of confusion with artists.

Excuse me i mean smart replace indeed :slight_smile: So i double checked before replacing anything, the shared source segments is looking at all formats and the connected segments is looking at for example only the 1x1.

So if i understand correctly smart replace only looks at the segment connection. All my formats that are in different sequence reels will not be adjusted…

Yes, you got it!
So indeed if you want to update all shots with latest render you have to use unlink/relink now. Else it will update only the 1x1s for example. (depends how you set it up of course).

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thanks as always :smiley: