AJA HELO Plus- Streaming advice

Hi Gang,

Looking to pick your brains, and ask to recommendations, once again. I am likely going to be performing remote sessions on a HETV and will likely purchase the AJA Help Plus to assist, alongside my AJA IO 4K Plus. What experience have you had with it? Do you recommend anything else? And what streaming services do you use? As it’s HETV we need to be careful about security.

Once again, much love and ty!

What is HETV? Is color critical? Stereo or 5.1 audio? Resolution? Color Space?

Hi Alan,

HETV is High end TV (Mentioned as we need to ensure good security, I can’t simply stream to a private channel on YT for example). We’re happy to run the sessions 25Psf HD Rec709 422 HQ ST Mix.

So, a pretty straightforward set up!

Also, how much time you have to prepare, how much technical skill is available to you, is there even a desire for DIY or do you want turnkey, your budget, is this going to be a one off that you need for a short duration, or ongoing? And is it color critical?

Hi Chris and Alan,

Thanks kindly for the response. HETV is a relatively common term we use in the UK, it refers specifically to high end drama. I mention it purely as security is of utmost importance. The drama effectively is commissioned by Amazon, and is in effect “highly anticipated”, so security is once again of utmost importance.

As it stands, we would be streaming to only one location, directly to the writer, whilst we’re all in the screening room here in the UK. Networking preferences and such, we’ve thankfully support for.

And aye, streaming the suite/screening room isn’t something I’ve prepared for, with respect to the vastly different sites and arrays of doing so. 'Tis all rather convoluted!

Ideally i’d be setup within a week or so, colour isn’t critical, nor is anything above a HD resolution, as we’re effectively observing passes in VFX reviews, not tech checking.

As ever, greatly appreciate your thoughts and opinions! x

Sorry, to add, I am indeed waiting on an Amazon official list of streaming platforms. Evercast, being one of them, for example. From what I can tell, Evercast is only compatible with Blackmagic I/O devices.

I would say go with EverCast and have the writer use their AppleTV app. They have flexible and reasonable pricing, and the latency is the best of all the services I’ve tested.