Streaming Secure reference quality video and audio directly from FlameOnMac

Hi All

Free public beta is available for Colorfront Streaming server Mini for Flame On Mac.

What is it? It’s an software companion App that you install on your Mac that will Encode/Encrypt and stream over the public internet to Multiple viewers. You can interface via NDI, or with AJA or BMD video cards.

What Is Streaming Server mini. You can watch the video here

Quick setup video guide for FlameOnMac.

Our web site for colorfront streaming server mini

To watch a stream securely, you need to install the colorfront Player on IOS, TVOS, Mac or Windows.

Streaming player video.



Hey @brunomungercf ,Welcome! Not sure if this also says this for you but the videos posted say “Sorry Because of Privacy Settings this video cannot be played here.”

Fixed . Thanks you

Looks interesting. Just signed up for the beta. Thanks!