Amulet HotKey Tablet Issues

Hi all,

Recently, my employer is starting to transition from local remote systems to amulet. We have everything up and running pretty well, except for my tablet. It’s very laggy and we can’t seem to fix it. Any suggestions?




Howdy hi! @EricBruno without seeing it and knowing absolutely everything about your setup its going to be hard to help.

Define laggy? What is the latency between client and server? And, long shot, are you using the “local cursor” or
“remote cursor”? Try the other option.

Hi Randy,

Thanks for the reply! The engineers are dealing with all the set up, so I have limited knowledge of the settings/set up. It’s a linux flame, 2021.1. If I remember hearing the engineers correctly, the latency was around 11. By laggy, I mean the cursor is moving a bit after I physically move the pen, and a bit slower. Slow to react. I’ll let them know about the local vs remote cursor option. Apologies for the lack of details, was just wondering if there were any known “gotchas” to look out for.

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11ms is :fire: so, if you are experiencing lag its not likely due to network performance that’s for sure.

The other tricky thing about the Amulet Hotkey is that since its an external PCoIP card, the Linux machine has no idea that its there and shows 2 cursors. I’ve never ran an Amulet on Linux before but if you use the local cursor and not the remote cursor, you should be in business. The trick will be to disable/defeat the remote cursor.

Thank you, Randy! We will try disabling the remote cursor!

I had some success using ‘bridge mode’ in the past for tablet/keyboard issues. I don’t really remember all the details off hand, but I think this was the article I referenced:

Amulet Hotkey is external hardware PCoIP option. It’s not a software client. Therefore no bridge mode. :slight_smile:

well… not to disagree, but I have this setup (amulet hotkey + teradici pcoip card installed on host machine) and I assure you there is a bridge mode.

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Oh no kidding! I musta missed that. Thanks!!!


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Thanks Naveen and Randy!