Interface lagging

Morning all,

I’m remoting into a facility over ZCentral on flame 2023.3. The cursor is about as responsive as you would hope but when you try, say, paint it’s painfully laggy. The paint cursor lags significantly behind the actual cursor. Excuse the phone screen recording:

That was recorded in realtime. My understanding is the main UI cursor is rendered locally but stuff like paint and gmask UI etc is rendered remotely, normally there’s a small lag between them but this is almost unusable. I don’t think it’s a connection issue. I’m on full gigabit up/down and the facility isn’t far and has 10gig connection. Testing latency on my box via their VPN gives 3ms unloaded, 17ms loaded. Latency I’m experiencing feels like around a full second which is crazy.

I’ve worked with this facility quite a bit and not had an issues before but they’ve recently upgraded to Rocky and 2023 which might be responsible? Any ideas?