The Ultimate Thread for Remote Flame Artists That Don’t Hotkey Good

If you are controlling a Flame in another part of the world and having tablet/hotkey/pen/audio problems, post here. There are so many good nuggets out there that someone only stumbled upon and is surely kickin the ass of many of us.

Here’s one that got me recently.

Controlling Linux Flame via a zero client and Teradici my local and remote cursors wouldn’t align, meaning whenever I click down somewhere on my tablet locally, the remote host would register that click in a different place. Whilst my monitor was expecting 1920x1080, the machine was sending 1920x1200, and repeated attempts to change this were futile for some reason, so, in Flame / Preferences / Input, we reset the 5% tablet margins to 0% and BOOM! Local cursor aligned to remote cursor and I could work.


I have an issue I can’t figure out. I’m remoting to a linux flame with Splashtop. The NumPad keys all map to random alphabet keys. I think it’s specific to Splashtop but I can’t find any help from them.

Following on from this, due to the storm, I’m remoting into work via teamviewer, but my hot keys don’t work. Any suggestions?