An update from our friend in Kyiv

Hello Logik Friends,

I just had a chat on Discord with our friend Valentine Andreev, aka @val. He’s located in Kyiv and he gave me permission to share this update:

Stay safe, my friend! Looking forward to meeting up with you one day in your beautiful city!


So fucking badass :facepunch:t2:


I wish I had the perfect words but only two come to mind.

Wuck far


I am glued to the news on Ukraine and am rooting for you all there. Uk-raine.

By the way, I know what to believe: in the future, people are going to look at pictures of Putin and see a historical monstrosity. That footage of him earlier sat behind the desk, giving orders and edicts was sickening. You know get the feeling, 50 years from now, that this will be the memory of a very bad figure. This is no future hero. That future-retrospective is already written.



My best wishes for Valentine Andreev. I’m atonished, in XXI century, in Europe, a bastard fascist could invade another country. I wish Valentin and his family keep safe. My heart is with Ukraine’s people.


Thinking about @val and his countrymen… We’re making pretty pictures while the invasion of a sovereign country is taking place. Puts things in quite a nauseating perspective…

Flame on indeed, friends…


Flame on Val! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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Val, all of us only hope that you and your loved ones are ok. My Russian teacher was from Ukraine and it is a difficult story. Please let us know that you are ok.


Hi, logikers! Update on a sitiation in Ukraine.

Ukraine is standing and fighting.
There is lots of burned russian tanks and other military vehicles. During that night we shot down two russians IL76 planes full of paratroopers. Yesturday russians two times tried to capture transport airport in Gostomel, 20km from Kyiv (maybe you heard about worlds biggest airplain AN225 “Mriya”, it was based here), but was burnt there. This night they tried to capture a small civil airpor in Vorzel, 40km from Kyiv, but also failed. Small batches of russians infantry and tanks was on Kyiv streets, also defeated. Now Kyiv under some artilery strikes, but there is no danger (at least where I located with my family). Lots of russian strikes hits hospitals. There is a slight smell of burning in the air, but I do not see any fires on the horizon. Electricity, water suppply, internet - all works without any problem. Kyiv subway also works.

My and my wifes parents are in Kharkiv, they also fine. Some bombing and small batches of russian troops in the city. All defeated. No problems with electricity, water, etc.
All biggest Ukrainian cities is under attack, but standing.
Ukrainian army forces is standing and kicking asses. Beleave in us - we`ll fuck them.
Flame on!

PS after wrighting all of this I`ll start to bake croissants for my wife and daughter.


Stay safe, and I’ve been listening to the World Service this morning and there was an excellent interview with someone from the Chatham House thinktank in a long and longterm interview with what is happening in your courageous country. I listen to the Weekend radio programme every week, but this week’s was very informative for those “outside” of this, and demonstrates, as if we did not already know, just how “total” this issue is. Be safe and enjoy your croissants and Flame on.


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Slava Ukraini!!

Can we collectively agree that @val is Flame Artist of the year? Maybe seems insignificant but he’s a hero.


Looked this up out of curiosity and was absolutely floored by the lyrics. Then found articles of people sheltered in the subways singing their national anthem. What a testament to their identity, spirit, and resolve… :ukraine:
Ukrainian National Anthem


Thanks, Val! Please use this thread to keep us updated! :fire: :heart: :ukraine:


Good luck.


Please stay safe!


Hi, guys! We still standing and fighting.

It was loud night in Kyiv. Russians tried to capture Kyiv, but failed. Their artilery hits civil infrastructure like hospitals ans schools. There is confirmmed child deaths when child hospital OHMATDIT was hited. Several planes and rockets was shot down by our air defence. Some amount of russian infantry and tanks infiltrated to Kyiv but was burn by our defenders. Still takes battle for Gostomel/Irpin/Bucha towns. In Vasilkiv russian missles hit an oil terminal, lots of fire, some casualties. Im safe with my family, only some far battle sounds heard.
Russian tanks entered my native city Kharkiv. Battle on the streets, some of them already killed by our army and civils that take weapons from goverment. My parents is safe. At least at time when I wright this. Other Ukrainian cities also fights, no one is want to become a part of Russian world.
Beleave in Ukraine. We will win.

Flame on!
video - somewhere in Kharkiv a guy plays our anthem


Thanks for the update, Val! :heart::fire::ukraine:

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Hi Logik! Sorry for a late update, today was a first day when curfew was canceled at daytime. I take a walk around my district, well, there is some burning cars that was used by russian army dressed in civils to infiltrate in Kyiv. Our friend @finnjaeger made an discord server for me and peoples I work with, just in case our messaging system fail. Big thanks, bro. According to my sources all enemies that enter to Kyiv was destroed or captured. Air defence works more offen then last two days, but nothing that we cant live with. Ukraine stands and fights. And will be. Russians strikes mostly to civil targets, yesterday was destroyed theatre in Chernigiv, burned school №134 in Kharkiv. Most of russian soldiers is young guys that was taken to Ukraine, they didnt expect such resistance. Some of them drops vehicles and run, some also drops weapons and surrender. I`m with my family is safe, our parents in Kharkiv also safe. Belive in us, Ukraine will win.

Flame on!

PS Russians war crimes in numbers, as of today 16-00 Kyiv time:

  • Missles launched - 400+
  • Civil houses hits - 40+
  • Civils killed by strikes - 350
  • Civils wounded by strikes - 2040
  • Children killed - 16
  • Children wounded - 45

PPS video - random Ukrainian farmer stoled Russian armored vehicle

video - Kyiv this evening


Thank you for the update Val! And thanks @finnjaeger for the assist. Slava Ukrayini!!! полум’я горить! :fire::fire: