Anamorphic colour shift?

I requested native resolution back from colour. The sent along this note: “We rendered everything stretched aspect ratio at UHD, this means there will be black bars baked in. This is to avoid any color shifts from anamorphic pixel change.”

Before I call bullshit, anyone know what the they are talking about?

Filtering causes color changes by definition. Would it be enough to ruin their amazing pristine grade? No.

The issue is that it’s all graded unsqueezed at UHD and providing it otherwise means a fair amount of work on their end.

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I getting the impression that maybe they only have the free Resolve license . . . .


Never ever heard that one before. Have always been simply resupplied the grade when anamorphic was supplied with black bars.

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Yeah, could be. Could also be that universal love of doing things twice.


i call BS, unless they somehow graded on a source that was allready desqueezed with black bars burned in?

I dont even know how you export that stuff from resolve as individual clips unless you go and override output resolution?

kinda sounds like someone messed up somewhere and they are trying to cover it up (like a tape2tape from premiere to resolve//)