Renderdome 2: Canada vs. USA

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Renderdome 2: Canada vs. USA is this Sunday, March 28th at 2pm Eastern Time!

We’re back in the @FriendsFromBorisFX Arena where @andy_dill shall attempt to hold on to his Renderdome Northeastern Regional Champion Title against Torontonian Challenger The @Sean Cochrane. Will Andy and his belt reign supreme? Will it be a cage match? Who will be the cream the rises to the top? And most importantly, what are the chances that we don’t screw up the livestream again?

This is a live YouTube event so no registration is required.

As always, this presentation of is brought to you by @FriendsFromCinesys , @FriendsFromBorisFX , @Gunpowder.

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All this “northeast regional champion” stuff is just so you don’t have to cede Chicago isn’t it? The title is eventually going to be “(everywhere minus Randy’s house) regional champion”.


Nah, it’s just designed to mess with you. But now that you think about it…maybe a Midwestern Qualifier would be fun.

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Can’t wait! This should be fun.



Sunday can’t come soon enough! Can’t wait to see this one! Two fantastic Flame artists!

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Update! All Logik Patrons are invited to the Renderdome Patrons only after party. Hang out with us afterwards, ask questions to @Sean and @andy_dill, and get free access to the source images used in the show.

Thanks for your support and see you in the after party!


3 hours to Renderdome!

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Great renderdrome!

I was wondering if Andys screen is available to watch on its own? Really want to see how he did the 3d track and my success with that tool is limited to say the least!

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If it’s not, i can redo the track and screen-record it, make a mini tutorial out of it

…when I get back from my vacation in mid-April.

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That would be awesome! Have a great vacation

Quick Vacation:


Also, I tried out my idea to “dry out” the shot. If you want to see how you might use a camera track to remove reflections, the video is here, but also be warned: it’s 25 minutes long and I narrate as I go, which isn’t all that different than sitting next to a crazy person on the bus.

I also realized that the shot is log.


These are amazing Andy! Thank you

Do you ever adjust the size and amount of trackers? I always imagined it would be better to have more but maybe that just add too many bad tracking points?

I almost never do. Shots are either going to track fairly well or they aren’t. Sometimes adding manual trackers helps, but I mostly use them just to make specific points in space.

If a shot won’t track in Flame, I’ll take it over to Syntheyes, which can work miracles. You can often get a decent track out of Syntheyes with just six points.


This was a really fun watch and thank you for posting it!

I never camera track in flame. I immediately go to syntheyes. Hell, if it’s something that I know I could eventually get with a planar track, but how many hours might I have to spend with a bicubic versus a good solve and projection, I go to syntheyes. Granted I’m on a Mac, and I have syntheyes on my machine, and it’s really easy to just pop around applications, but I don’t see any real reason to mess around with flame’s suboptimal (that’s being friendly) matchmoving capabilities when there’s such an incredibly affordable awesome program on the market. (Disclosure: this has not been a paid advertisement for syntheyes… but like, syntheyes is an awesome thing everyone should know about it).


While explaining the license plate mirroring, @Sean switches on the crosshairs (large center) using some magic keyboard shortcut I can’t figure out and even can’t find it in the reference guide. I use center marks a lot, so it would be nice if anybody in possession of this knowledge could tell it to me.

@kmor The display of the overlays can be enabled/disabled using the Meta/Command - O keyboard shortcut.