Another tech issue: flame crashing on exiting software (spark: uninitializing)

nasty crashes too… have to reboot the mac before I can open Flame again. What is it now? And why today, when all was well yesterday?

Any idea what might be causing this/how I can fix it?

coincidentally I had this happen on the last 2 quits as well but mine crashed at the FLEX point and I believe that has something to do with the licence being validated at ADSK .

I don’t even know what the Flex point is. I created a case, curious to see what’s going on. Funny, how these issues just show up out of nowhere.

in case someone reads this in the future: I will update once autodesk explains… but in the meantime: made new project, copied everything over, closes without problems now. No idea why, but it helps.

Also, here was the thread re: terminal launching…

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Interesting that ever since I setup the launch of Flame using the terminal I have never experienced the relaunch issue after a crash.

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Can you check the log? Sometimes what is displayed on exit is the last successful step because the next set is the one that’s crashing.

i have started getting a lot of crashes since updating to 2021.2.

I always start Flame by using the Terminal, and the crashes have all happened after i have told Flame to quit.

I don’t understand what Terminal is reporting, but i think this might be relevant:-

Batch pipeline logger initialising.
libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type std::__1::system_error: mutex lock failed: Invalid argument
Application: flame 2021.2 x86_64
Pid: 35286
Error: abnormal termination, signal = 6
Unknown user initiated signal. si_code: 0