Launch Flame and kill for good on a Mac via a terminal

Hello dear friends
All is in my topic title, I did some digging but it seems that most commandes are for Linux, also for a reason I don’t know the kf commande is not installed.
Sorry if this is basic, but sometimes when Flame freeze or crush, it is impossible to launch it again without restarting the computer which is very painful
Many thanks

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Hi @chadi , have a look here for a solution.

And then… follow this to create an alias in the Terminal to launch Flame and never have to deal with this again…

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Hi, there~
How about when upgrade to newer version?

I tried the same command with Flame version updated, after input flame and hit enter, it turn out displaying:
zsh: no such file or directory: /opt/Autodesk/<previous_version>/bin/startApplication

Seems it still point to the same old path…
How to remove the previous, or update the existing one?
Any hint or suggest will be very appreciated!

Jeff Chin