macOS: Kill "flame" process

Hi there,

I can’t reboot macOS Catalina because “flame” is still running.
But it isn’t. There is just the process “flame” in mac’s task manager but nothing in activity monitor.

I’ve tried to launch flame via terminal. Which works normally until flame crashed before.

Any way of getting macOS rebooting without pressing the power button?



Yes. Couple of things. First, go into the Service Monitor Application in Autodesk/Flame/Utilities. On the upper part of the app window is a Troubleshooting tab. There should be a force quit button.

Then, setup launching Flame from the terminal…

…and never have to deal with this again. :slight_smile:

Thanks Randy!

Unfortunately service monitor didn’t kill the process :confused: so I ended up hard rebooting the workstation.

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By far the best way to launch Flame on a Mac is to launch it from a Terminal. This is worth the 5 minutes it takes to set up. I promise. Follow that procedure here…

If you haven’t had a chance too yet, then here’s the procedure. If you are on a Mac and Flame crashes and when you go to relaunch Flame it doesn’t launch, just has a bouncing dock icon, or nothing happens at all when you click on the Flame icon whether it be in Applications or in the Dock, do this.

Step 1
Open a Terminal and type in:

ps -ef | grep flame

You should get a result that looks like the below. If you don’t, skip Step 2 and follow the instructions for If you don’t see any Flame PIDs.. Find the second number from the left on the line that has:


You are looking for the number in the pink circle. That’s the process id or PID you need.

Step 2
Then, type in a Terminal…

sudo kill -9 <flame_pid>

That should kill Flame.

If you don’t see any Flame PIDs
Type in a Terminal…

sudo killall launchservicesd
sudo killall Dock


I have this happen a lot. Or use too before I did the terminal launch thing.

Other programs will hang my computer from restart too. If your computer just refuses to restart you can go into terminal and type

Sudo reboot

Then enter your password. That will force quit everything and reboot. There is also a terminal command to force quit everything for sure. But I can’t remember what that is off hand.

Yay! We’ve got it working!
Only the wacom pen buttons don’t react any more… Any quick tipp?

Thanks for all! <3

Thanks Brooks.
Unfortunately it’s a facility’s workstation and I don’t have access to the admin pw :wink:

Not sure if this will help but @Mbemigh just posted something about Wacom tablets so this might help! Also, happy cake day @ChrisKasten !